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Who Is the Best Person To Reach Out To?

Here are the key people in the Heimdal communication team that can help:

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Miriam Cihodariu

Head of Communications and PR

Email Miriam anytime for PR requests and any type of Heimdal information. She’s always open to suggestions for our blog, website or marketing campaigns, and would be happy to discuss any of these topics with you. Feel free to drop a line.

Get in touch with Miriam

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Bianca Soare

Communications and PR Officer

You can get in touch with Bianca for any marketing and PR topics. We are always open to questions, comments, and suggestions, so feel free to reach out. Bianca is a content marketing enthusiast, with a particular focus on technology.

Get in touch with Bianca

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Vladimir Unterfingher

Communications and PR Officer

Get in touch with Vladimir anytime for any PR, marketing, and content info. Always open to suggestions, comments, and questions about Heimdal. Vladimir's a blogging wizard, tech ‘junkie’, and always itching to learn new things about cybersecurity.

Get in touch with Vladimir

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Elena Georgescu

Communications and PR Officer

Contact Elena for any content, marketing or PR assignment. Keen on receiving comments and suggestions, Elena is a young word master who is always happy to help and curious to learn more about technology.

Get in touch with Elena

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Josefine Lödby

Content Marketing Editor

Feel free to reach out to Josefine anytime regarding PR or content on the blog. She is a native Danish speaker, fluent in English and can speak a little French too, therefore content creation and editing in multiple languages is her superpower!

Get in touch with Josefine

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Alina Georgiana Petcu

Communications and PR Officer

You can contact Alina anytime for any PR or content marketing-related inquiries. She is always open to receiving suggestions, comments, or questions on these topics. Alina is a content connoisseur with a knack for everything tech.

Get in touch with Alina

If you're interested in becoming a Heimdal
partner or reseller, go to the dedicated page.

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If you have a technical question or need help with your Heimdal product, check out our support center.

Heimdal Security At a Glance

Heimdal Security was born in 2011 in Copenhagen, and now provides cyber security intelligence to protect over 900,000 users around the world.

If you're keen to discover more, take a look at our story and get to know the team.


Our Norse Heritage

We get this question a lot and you're probably wondering too, so here goes:

The Heimdal Security name comes from Heimdallr, the Norse god who keeps watching over the future of Asgard. He's the guardian of the Bifröst, the bridge that connects our world to Asgard.

As our name shows, we derive some of our values from Norse mythology. For example, Heimdallr has the gift of precognition, giving him the ability to foresee future events. In our day and age, we turn the legend into reality through our products, which protect users against cyber attacks before they happen.

Heimdal Security in the media

Our cyber security alerts and educational resources have been featured on top media
outlets from all over the world.

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